Burriana Turismo | Routes and guided tours


and guided tours 

A great way to get to know the city is by means of our guided tours or routes, during which you can lose yourself in some of Burriana’s most emblematic sights.

Most of these tours can be done in any season, both individually or in organised groups, in which case you can be accompanied by a guide whenever you wish.


The Religious Heritage


Since the Reconquest until the early 20th century, a series of buildings dedicated to religious cult were erected, these relate the history of the municipality and reflect the nature and devotion of its people, which have inhabited Burriana during this entire period.


This tour gives you the change to get to know our religious heritage by visiting monuments such as the Basílica del Salvador, commissioned by Jaume I to commemorate his victory; the hermitage of Sant Blai, built in honour of the patron saint of the city; the Church de la Merced, in witness of the Mercedarian presence in this town; the church of las Dominicas and the temple of San José, a beautiful example of Neo-Gothic architecture, designed by the architect Godofredo Ros de Ursinos.



The recent architectural development and variety, along with the proliferation of buildings in Valencia city during the second half of the 19th century, can be seen reflected on the most relevant towns in the Valencia region. In Burriana, the boom in the sales of oranges and the wealth obtained as of 1858 was what gave way to these constructions, providing the city with a more modern and advanced aspect. 

This new construction trend boomed around the 1930’s, when there were about 200 orange merchants, who had a desire to reflect their new status and renewed the homes, decorated them with the latest novelties, and even went to the extent of commissioning the works to architects from the capital. 

Delve into the secrets of this trend, which represented a revolution within this city. Surprise yourself with the voluptuousness of their façades and with the beauty of their wrought-iron, on balconies and windows, and the majestic doors. Discover a city full of charm, which shall seduce you with each of its different nooks and crannies.






Burriana, a city linked to the Mediterranean, offers you the chance to enjoy its beaches, its promenade and to surprise yourself with all the possibilities the Mare Nostrum has to offer. 

Embark on the path along the coastline of Burriana starting from the Torre del Mar, which stands guard over our coast and is a true witness of the local history. Along the entire route we have proposed, you will be surprised by the magnificent villas which, since the early 20th century, gaze melancholically towards the sea. You can enjoy the lovely feeling of walking on fine sand and the dipping your feet into the crystal-clear water of the Malvarrosa-grao and Arenal beaches.  Before visiting the fishing port, go into the fish market and see the fish auction, selling the fish which is brought in from our coast. Then you can move onto the marina, which is fitted with the most modern facilities, and conclude the visit by contemplating a beautiful sunset from the port viewing point, our privileged balcony onto the sea. 


Of the Clot de la Mare de Deu.

The legend related that some shepherds were alerted by bells ringing, leading them to rescue the image of our patron saint, the Mare de Déu de la Misericordia, from inside the then called Estany de la Vila. In 1740 the hermitage built in honour of this saint was blessed and ever since then this magical place has been known by the name of Clot de la Mare de Déu. 

For this tour we proposed a quiet walk through one of the city’s most emblematic places, where you can enjoy every little area, every smell and especially the silence and tranquillity found inside this area.

This is the scene of past adventures, such as the attack on the town by 13 pirate galleons in 1519. This location has become a place which can’t be missed, due to its singularity and easy access, which have led it to be a multidisciplinary location to visit all the year. The characteristics and conditions of this emblematic place led it to be declared a Municipal Natural Landscape in 2002, with a view to preserving its rich flora and fauna.





Of the Hermitages


Since it was founded and due to the fertility of the lands which comprise this rural landscape, Burriana has been an agricultural city, which its people have thanked for the goods it has provided over the years. Such is the dedication and love the people have for these lands, that they configured their lives around them, structuring the agricultural landscape with constructions of high cultural value. 

Hence, along the 22 km route we are proposing, you will be able to contemplate a number of orange groves with their networks of irrigation canals, farmhouses, windmills and wells, among others; you can admire all 6 hermitages which our ancestors proudly built so they could always feel at home.  A unique scenery which has been modelled by the culture and traditions of our ancestors. 


of the Towers

The vast extension of land over which Burriana is spread gives way to highly diverse and functional buildings. Its municipal area, set within a large plain of fertile land called La Plana de Castelló, hides a significant cultural heritage, works from our ancestors, which allow you to get to know the local history by travelling the roads, paths, the architecture and toponymy.

Hence, we are inviting you to discover the series of towers which, along with the rest of the buildings, protect our fields and are since ancient times. Towers such as the Regenta, which may have been a key behind the Muslim custody of Burriana, or the Torre del Mar, always on the lookout for possible pirate attacks, are waiting for you to discover them. (more information)






This tour aims to create awareness of the paths on which water flows through Burriana, from the river Mijares to the city. A circuit of orange groves in which you will find an irrigation system, inherited from our Arab ancestry, as the system used for supplying drinking water to Burriana in years past. 

Canals, old watermills and motors, stoppage houses to which the irrigators go when there are any incidents in the water supply, comprise part of the legacy configured by our agricultural culture. Maybe the most surprising element within this tour is getting to know the path and process which the water followed in order to reach our houses. The old drinking water filters, still standing, and the construction of the drinking water tank, help us to understand this interesting process.



If these is one thing which defined the scenery of Burriana, that is the green blanket which surrounds it, the orange groves. Orange growing played a very important role in the configuration of Burriana in the 20th century. 

Along this tour you can discover the world of oranges, getting firsthand knowledge of the processes involving the cultivation, harvest and marketing of this fruit.   

You can visit the fields in order to see the cultivation system and taste the oranges straight from the tree. You will obtain firsthand information on the processes for treating this fruit in the warehouses, from the harvesting until it is boxed and sold. As well as viewing the  architecture derived from its comercial boom among the streets of Burriana city centre. 

A great experience for your senses, which we expect you won’t miss.