Burriana Turismo | NAUTICAL TOURISM


Thanks to its privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, Burriana offers the possibility of enjoying all aspects involving the sea. So, if you love sea-related activities and want to enjoy exciting experiences, don’t miss out on a trip to Burriana.

Here you will get the chance to enjoy activities such as sailing, rowing, canoeing, snorkelling, surfing of windsurfing, while breathing in the clean Mediterranean Sea air. At Marina BurrianaNova you can also practice and enjoy  recreational sailing in its modern facilities.

Burriana port has a vast range of facilities which are open all year round. Here you will have the privilege of using our fabulous Escola de la Mar run by the Regional Government and a marina, with all marina-related services, with about 400 moorings for boats with hull lengths ranging from 8 to 30 metres. Burriana also has a yacht club, a diving centre and several clubs and companies which provide all-year-round sea-related activities. Due to its excellent climate and wide range of facilities, Burriana has become a benchmark municipality for practising sports and an epicentre for sea-related activities in the southern part of Castellón province.

There are many different sporting activities held in Burriana, which have gradually managed to obtain the recognition of sports and sailing lovers. These include the JUBILATA’S CUP, the MATCH RACE OPEN, the KAYAK POLO NATIONAL LEAGUE or the well-established QUASIMOTO SURF’S UP INVITATIONAL which attracts surfers from all over the country.

As can be seen, Burriana is a must for sea lovers in general, thanks to its magnificent beaches, excellent port infrastructures and unbeatable location on the Mediterranean Sea, all of which comprise this virgin tourist and far from overcrowded destination, in which visitors can enjoy the sea during all seasons.


If you are passionate about sailing, you can’t miss the chance to sail the waves which bathe Burriana. 

If you wish to start learning to sail, our Escola de la Mar is an ideal choice, as it is a benchmark among the Regional Government’s network of Escoles de la Mar and you can find its in the port of the municipality. If you are experienced and simply want to perfect your style, Marina BurrianaNova houses companies dedicated to exactly this, where you can rent boats or even go on some courses. Burriana is a city which faces the sea and allows its visitors to enjoy the incredible sensations which can only be felt from the sea.

If would also like to actively participate in nautical competitions or simply be there as a spectator, this is your where you want to be. Our port hosts first-rate sporting events, such as the Match Race Open. On a more social note, the Jubilata’s Cup aims to provide experiences to anyone who pays a visit, holding regattas and open days for children and adults who wish to learn more about this magical world.


Thanks to the characteristics of our beaches, which are open and spacious, Burriana is an ideal place for windsurfing. It just so happens that our beaches have produced many elite windsurfers.

You will be able to feel the wind pushing you along the waves and connect with nature. In Burriana you can also windsurf all year round thanks to its magnificent climate, get started at the Escola de la Mar of Burriana and if you wish, you can joing the windsurf club which is active in the municipality. 

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy.


The calm waters which bathe Burriana ensure divers enjoy a unique experience. 

Whether you are a beginner or you are experiencing your first immersions, Burriana can offer you a wide variety of underwater sceneries waiting to be discovered, given that our coast has two great shipwrecks with steel hulls, which are considered to be of great interest and attract and are home to a range of marine species, enabling divers to come close to many of the species which swim around their surroundings.

The conditions for diving are generally good, given that both wrecks rest on the seabed about 20-21 metres deep, without them having the possibility of sinking deeper. 

In Burriana you can also enjoy underwater excursions accompanied by members of the Grao-sub diving centre, professionals who know every corner of our sea beds. If, however, you wish to experience your first immersion or perfect your style, ask at the centre and you will be provided with information on all the available courses.


It seems strange to think that this coast bathed by the calm Mediterranean Sea could provide for exciting sporting activities such as Surfing. This is possible in Burriana thanks to the conditions of its beaches, which are ideal for practising Classic Surfing.

If you wish to practise this sport in Burriana, you can contact the Burriana Surf Club, located on the Arenal beach, and share an unbeatable experience with its members.



Burriana provides some of the best facilities for practising Sea Kayak and Canoe Polo. You can start-off at the Escola de la Mar of Burriana and continue advancing at the Club de Regatas Burriana, located in the Marina Burriananova, which will garantee you receive the best training and enjoy its continued practice.