Burriana Turismo | Gastronomy and craftmanship



One of the 

main features

characterising the gastronomy of Burriana is that it follows Valencian traditions, by which it prepared delightful popular dishes such as the paella, known all over the round.

Aside from this, as a traditional coastal city, these typical dishes are based on local produce such as the “marjalero” rice, the “empedrao”, the “suquet de peix”, arroz a banda or fideuà, which are prepared with great care in our many restaurants. 

Among the traditional desserts we highlight the “Rollets de Sant Blai” and the “virutes de Sant Josep”, which are to the delight of everyone to tastes them.



Burriana is home to a large number of falla artisans who build the monuments which are found in Burriana and also some of those built in other municipalities and cities within the Valencian region, including Burriana, Dénia, Benicarló, Valencia and Alicante, ranging all the monument categories. They build fallas as well as hogueras for Alicante, and have often won many special awards for first prizes in Valencia, which is not an easy task.
 Also highlighting that Burriana has a tradition of making fallero outfits. A large number of dressmakers create these purely artisan outfits, for the different falleras of the Burriana commissions, and especially the creation of the “Reina Burriana” embroidered fabric, in which the design represents a floral design and was created in 2005 by Isabel Romero for the Reina Fallera of Burriana. Also noting the importance of manufacturing the jewellery for the fallera outfits, such as the combs and the jewellery set, etc.