Burriana Turismo | Festivities and celebrations


Burriana has an impressive calendar of festive events throughout the entire year. On 5 January, the city celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings, deeply rooted in Spain, which nourished the fantasy of young children and manages to impregnate the adults with the children’s excitement. January is also the month for celebrating the festivity of Sant Antoni Abad, with a large parade which unites the neighbours and their animals. February begins with the festivities to honour the patron saint of Burriana, San Blas, on the third of the month. The celebrations include cultural, gastronomic, sporting and religious acts. But the most emblematic act of the festivity is the “Font del Vi”, declared of Provincial Tourist Interest.

March arrives to fill the city with imagination and fire during the festivity of San José (15 to 19 March), this is when the Fallas take place. These monuments burn during the “cremà” on 19 March, during which we highlight firework displays and the traditional “mascletà”. All alongside lively streets thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the city’s population. In April we enjoy Easter, with a series of liturgical celebrations, popular processions and the consolidated “Tamborrada”. 

For May the city turns into an improvised flower garden. During the first weekend, the city celebrates the well-known Cruces de Mayo, which has been acknowledged with the distinction of being a Provincial Festivity of Tourist Interest. These beautiful and original floral monuments decorate the city’s streets, impregnating them with an outstanding fragrance and colour.

Closer to summer, the sea and the city come together to celebrate the eve of San Juan. A magical night in which the tradition is to wet one’s feet in the sea. The inhabitants of Burriana light fires on the beach and celebrate the festivity with music in communion with nature. 

During July and August, the maritime districts celebrate their festivities in honour of their patron saints, the Mare de Déu del Carme, in the port, and the Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia del Clot in the Grao district. In September, the festivities honour the patron saint of the city, the Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia, the centre of the festivities, during which the groups of friends organise different sports, musical and bull-related events.