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Of Iberian origin

The city of Burriana reached its heydey around the 9th century as an important Arab settling which, thanks to its central location within La Plana, was named Medina Alhandra or Green City. This city was conquered by King James I of Aragon on 16 July 1233, amidst his endeavour to conquer the Kingdom of Valencia. Due to its merits and importance, in 1349 King Peter IV granted the privilege of its flag bearing a blue strip and three crowns. 

The city had been protected by a wall since its Muslim domination and there are records to prove it remained intact until the 18th century, but its significant and unavoidable growth in population led to the wall being demolished. 

Thanks to all the above and to the affection King Alphonse XII of Spain had for this region, the Queen Regent Maria Christina of Austria, on 4 July 1901, granted Burriana the consideration of a city.



Burriana is a town located in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, which offers its visitors a vast and interesting heritage and cultural activity. If we were to define this municipality, we would have to say it is a city which is by the seaside and breaths in a sea breeze impregnated with the sweet fragrance of orange blossom.

The municipality is strategically located within the Plana Baixa region, bathed by the refreshing and clean water of the Mediterranean Sea, with beaches which have been awarded some of the most prestigious quality standards. 

Aside from its Natural surroundings, Burriana has its own fishing port, a splendid marina and an Escola de la Mar (Sea School), which have made this city become an ideal destination for family tourism.