Burriana Turismo | CRUCES DE MAYO


When the calendar reaches the month of the flowers, Burriana transforms itself into a giant garden embellished with beautiful crosses which are prepared by each of the falla commissions.  

The origin of this tradition can be found at a time in which, the falleros were known for their eagerness to provide the festivities with innovative elements, wanted to contribute to Burriana and decided to plant floral crosses on 3 May, date which commemorates the invention of the cross for Saint Helen. The first document of Burriana to make reference to the May crosses dates back to 1 May 1944. This document is an official notification from the City Council signed by Salvador Dosdá, President of the Commission of festivities, which officially opens the celebrations. The text is directed at the falla commissions to notify that the Commission of festivities had agreed, in light of the crosses which were going to be erected in Burriana on 3 May, to grant three prizes, of 125, 100 and 75 Pesetas respectively, to the three best crosses. The monuments had to be fully erected by the morning of 3 May and the jury would depart from the City Council at 6 in the afternoon to assess the works. Finally, the crosses were erected on Wednesday, 3 May. Prepared with great artistic taste, these short-lived floral monuments occupied the locations of the fallas and the three best crosses were acknowledged with the promised awards. The first prize went to La Mota, the second was for La Plaza del 18 de Julio, where the Valencia district falla was erected, and the third prize went to the Onda district, which erected the cross in the plaza Cardenal Benlloch.

So, as a tradition, every year since 3 May 1944, a sea of floral monuments and ensembles invade the streets during the first weekend in May, filling the city with beautiful colours and a lovely floral scent, in which carnations play the leading role. 

The Cruces de Mayo festivity has been acknowledged by the Regional Government of Valencia as a Provincial Festivity of Tourist Interest due to its tradition, beauty and great tourist attraction within the province of Castellón.

The Cruces de Mayo are the starting signal for the city’s falla commissions. As it happens, with their construction these commissions, which are responsible for their creation and therefore for the survival of this tradition, aim to symbolise the continuity of forthcoming San José celebrations. 

To complement this festivity, the Ruta de la Tapa is held during the month of May, this is an attractive gastronomic proposal which allows neighbours and visitors to get to know the city’s varied culinary offer in a fun and economic manner, while strolling through the streets of the city.