Burriana Turismo | CENTRAL MARKET


This magnificent building combines the best values of architectural Rationalism and Expressionism with the modern tradition of Valencian markets and the perfection of the brickwork of that era. Proejcted by Enrique Pecourt in 1930, this market includes a large nave similar to a hangar with a steel gabled roof with knife-like profiles. Its walls are clear, resting on iron columns and on their heads, made from excellent brickwork, with predominance of the span end onto solid in a perfect adaptation to the functionality of this type of premises.

The magnificent parabolic arch which comprises the entrance doors is crowned by a triple window; decorate with beautiful polychrome stain-glass windows which make reference to the city’s agricultural culture.
In years past one could view a beautiful fountain located in the centre of the building, created by the sculptor Ricardo Romero Baixauri.