Burriana Turismo | CARABONA TOWER


Southwest of Burriana, along the “Camí del Palmeral” and just 250 metres from the “Camí Vell de Valencia”, close to the notable building “El Baró”, we come across the Torre de Carabona. The tower has a rectangular floor plan, of 10.95 m by 6.10m; comprised of a ground floor and two heights, reaching a total height of 9.20 m and covered by a structure which supports a gabled roof. The floors are linked by means of a vaulted staircase. The floor’s distribution, divided by a wall located six metres from the façade, leading to the thought that the original tower might have been smaller than the current construction.

It is thought that the initial building was constructed in the 13th century, when the first donation took place. Date to which the voussior door of the façade belongs, but the loopholes, the pillar of the top floor and the roof takes us to the 18th century, when the four contiguous buildings were built and, logically, leading to the reconstruction of the tower.

The ground floor, with its current configuration, seems to respond to that of a rural home and is comprised of a living room and kitchen within one space, connected to the horse stables, saving the upper floor for the bedrooms.The first floor houses two bedrooms of different heights. The upper floor is accessed by means of a staircase which was added long after that of the first part.

The building rests on a structure of load-bearing walls, although on the second this support changes to a solid brick pillar. Four contiguous buildings were added later; these are of popular architecture and possibly date back to the late 18th century.