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Active Tourism

Burriana has a magnificent climate and geography which enables it to offer a wide range of active tourism activities all year round.

Family Tourism

This historic municipality in Castellón province offers a perfect combination of relaxation, culture and leisure for the entire family.

Gastronomic Tourism

The city holds several gastronomic days throughout the year, offering locals and visitors the chance to enjoy some of the typical dishes from the area.

Nautical Tourism

There are many different sporting activities held in Burriana, which have gradually managed to obtain the recognition of sports and sailing lovers.


Discover Burriana

La teua mar

Burriana is a town located in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, which offers its visitors a vast and interesting heritage and cultural activity. If we were to define this municipality, we would have to say it is a city which is by the seaside and breaths in a sea breeze impregnated with the sweet fragrance of orange blossom.

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